AGTP is an independent organization (foundation) which is associated with the renowned International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

IBFD is an independent, non profit institute founded in 1938. It focuses exclusively on research, publication, education and consultancy activities, and maintains the largest library in the world specializing in taxation. IBFD mission is to promote and disseminate the understanding of cross-border taxation at the highest level.

IBFD supports governments and tax administrations around the world with technical assistance in their tax reform processes. Its experience covers a wide range of policy, legislative and administrative sues helping government organizations to comply with international standards in an effective and efficient way. As the world’s foremost authority on cross-border taxation, IBFD has access to a wealth of resources on international trends, practices and leading concepts

 AGTP and IBFD have complementary visions on tax advice in developing countries. They offer each other assistance in supplying information, logistics and staff.